Racism In Boston: Where Should We Go From Here?

On February 15, 2018 Allen & Gerittsen, Brigham Health, Northeast Human Resources Association, and GVC hosted a very special event to kick off Black History Month. The event, “Racism in Boston: Where Should We Go From Here?” initiated the conversation with reporters from the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team and some of the city’s top political, community and business leaders.

The Boston Globe featured a Spotlight series regarding the pressing issue of racism in Boston. This seven-part series discusses issues impacting college campuses, sports, healthcare and the Seaport District.

Below is an interview with Greg Almeida, CEO and Founder of GVC.

How did the event go?  

The event was very well attended and by a wide cross section of people from business and political communities. I was very happy with the level of engagement and interest in the topic.

What was the most important takeaway from the panel?

There were two things. One, minority communities in Boston are very invested in resolving this issue but aren’t sure if they have the same level of commitment from Boston’s business community. Also, it’s going to take a concerted effort to close some of these gaps.  

Did anything surprise you during the panel discussion?  

The level of passion that people had to want to address this issue (both panelist and attendees).

Do you think this issue is something that can be resolved and fixed?

Yes. But it’s going to take everyone acknowledging that there is a problem and everyone agreeing on what initiative to put in place to solve the problem.

What are some of your own ideas?

There will be an ongoing forum to talk specifically around solutions for those who were in attendance, but also for anyone who is interested. We are thinking of doing something on a quarterly basis, inviting speakers and panelists to come in to talk about how we will fix this issue. We asked people to connect with panelist to further their discussions and figure out what they wanted to address individually. We are looking to expand the group to encompass a wider range of people.

We encourage other people who are reading this to join the dialogue and let us know how they feel. If you need assistance, reach out to Greg ( We would love to work with you on your projects.
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