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Through innovative products and services, EMC² accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset – information – in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.

The Office of Global Workforce Inclusion was in search for a communication platform to advertise its brand message to employees, customers and opinion leaders. GVC was called in to develop a focused brand narrative, celebrating EMC²’s vast achievements in D&I while foreshadowing what’s in store for the future.


  • Increase visibility and recognition of the commitment that EMC² has towards international D&I
  • Ensure universal understanding across the globe of the impact and effectiveness that D&I has on the organization
  • Provide a platform that promotes continuous improvement in EMC²’s D&I efforts to support the global brand


GVC is proud to have developed the EMC² Global D&I Annual Report for the past 4 years.

The overall solution GVC developed was an organized approach toward messaging the brand of this expansive technological organization. The Global D&I Annual Reports outline various initiatives that the organization has engaged in both domestically and internationally to ensure worldwide engagement.

To ensure relevance and organizational impact, GVC worked in conjunction with EMC²’s Office of Global Workforce Inclusion, Marketing and Corporate Communications teams. This collaboration resulted in a report that was translated into 10 different languages, printed, and developed digitally to be featured on their home page http://www.emc.com/en-us/index.htm.


The Global D&I Annual Report was well received by employees and consumers alike. The reports provided by GVC continue to develop a strong brand positioning and identity to give EMC² a differentiated position in an increasingly crowded market.

As a result of the work done for EMC’s Office of Workforce Inclusion, GVC was subsequently brought in to produce EMC’s Total Customer Experience Annual Report.

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