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Keolis Commuter Services (KCS) operates and maintains the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s commuter rail system, carrying more than 127,000 passengers daily throughout Greater Boston.

KCS was going through transformation and needed help with change management initiatives. The firm also expressed a desire to implement a comprehensive brand citizenship strategy focused on enhancing their corporate reputation. It was important for KCS to not only embrace larger and more meaningful causes in the name of corporate social responsibility, but also to gain lasting credit for the impact of those initiatives.



  • Assess current corporate social responsibility purpose and approach
  • Define a clear vision, focus, strategy and set of tactics for brand citizenship
  • Conduct break out sessions with senior leaders to brainstorm naming conventions and visual identity for the change management initiative
  • Develop an actionable internal communication strategy


A cross tabulation of survey results stemmed the ability to develop and deploy an internal communication strategy and project management support system. On an external level, the plan was to create a comprehensive communications strategy and brand message that would encourage consumers to support the brand.

By creating a new brand-building message, GVC evolved the company from simply participating in community outreach programs to building a lasting corporate social agenda that would facilitate a triple bottom-line approach to operating their business.


GVC’s collaborations with Keolis Commuter Services and its agency of record are currently optimizing the brand’s portfolio. Reinvigorating the Keolis brand experienceand appealing to new audiences has allowed the firm to engage the people who matter most to KCS and deliver purpose-inspired messages to those audiences. These insights are helping KCS tap into new revenue potentials by encouraging current and potential consumers to support their brand.

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