GVC has been a trusted DE&I partner for over 20 years. We offer DE&I solutions for these complex and uncertain times that will meet the challenge of this rapidly changing world. Our three focus areas are designed to solve your most pressing needs in strategy, diversity recruiting, and fact-based decision making.

What We’ll Do For You

Inclusion Business Strategy

An organization should have a DE&I roadmap that is aligned to the business you’re in: realistic, in the right order, based on your current state and where you want to be in the future. That roadmap should include a vision, specific DE&I goals and initiatives, and measured organizational wide commitments. Let us help you develop a kick ass strategy that meets your needs.

Digital Inclusive Recruiting

A real game changer for reaching today’s diverse talent. Inclusive employment branding along with targeted demographic and geographic criteria finds candidates that match your ideal profile and engages them directly online. Depending on what platforms make sense for your organization, you’ll precisely pin-point diverse candidates. Let us help you develop the right approach and message that will resonate best with diverse talent for your open roles.

DE&I Research

Now more than ever data and research must drive all decision-making and that includes DE&I. Whether it’s performing a needs analysis of your organization’s current state, administering surveys to understand employee wellbeing and life issues, effectiveness of your DE&I initiatives, or labor market analysis, we’ve got you covered.

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