Diversity Recruiting: What’s in a Word?

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Written by Tracy Barac, the CEO of Fluency Advertising, a digital diversity recruiting firm.

This week’s word is Geo-fence.

Ever wonder why you get Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks pop-up ads on Waze while you’re driving near a Dunkin’ or Starbucks? Or enter Target and the next thing you know they send you a coupon?

It’s because of something called geo-fencing, which to some degree we’re all subject to.

Geo-fencing is a marketing tactic that uses cellular GPS data to serve you ads based on your buying habits and daily movements. When you enter a geo-fence “zone” which is a specific geographic location, you get served advertisements. Why? Because you met a certain criteria, for example staying with the coffee illustration, you’re a frequent Starbucks customer and are in the area of one.  

This tactic can be applied to finding diverse candidates too! Let’s say you are a bank looking to hire diverse talent for your mid-level openings. Wouldn’t it be cool to target your local colleges or universities for students that are graduating soon from business programs who have interest in financial services? Well you can do that with geo-fencing. You pick your ideal candidate (college, business degree, 1 yr. experience, etc.) and when they enter campus they get served up your employment ad.

So reach candidates where they are now and just don’t expect them to find you. 

Not to worry, you don’t have to become an expert, in this blog series we’ll discuss it one word or solution at a time.

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