Keeping the DEI Work On Track

Hi, I’m Tracy Barac for the consultant’s notebook. Here’s a question for you, Is not having the right people at the table the quickest way to go off the rails?

Staying focused is so important no matter what stage you are in this work. Whether you call it a core team, planning group, task force, or DEI council, be thoughtful about who’s on the team.

Assigning the right people will have a material impact on how the work is carried out. The more tactical the people are that you assign, the more tactical the output will be.

Be sure it’s a mix of those that understand the culture, business strategy, and ways to align DE&I to said strategy.

Ensure that there are people at the table willing to do some work and roll up their sleeves.

In the early stages of DEI work, it’s really easy to get sidetracked. We’ll have high-energy, well-intentioned people with a lot of ideas. Ideas that we’ll need to put some parameters around.GVC maintains the best way to do this is by choosing your planning team wisely and making sure they play off each other’s strengths.

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