What’s the greatest risk to D&I work?

How does diversity and inclusion survive if the champion of the work leaves, or there is a financial setback?

In this uncertain political, social and business environment, we at GVC firmly believe that there should be a plan in place in the event that champion departs or there is a business downturn.

History shows that the results are mixed after a champion departs or revenue goes South. In most cases, the work continues in a very limited fashion and is deprioritized. Budgets are cut, staffers eliminated, and if they are lucky, some people get reassigned. But that approach was before the Black Lives Matter and racial justice movements.

Although we are operating in a whole new environment now, probably wise for us in the D&I space to stay focused on sound business practices. Whether we like it or not, any business unit, including diversity and inclusion, that tries operating outside the laws of business fundamentals is doomed to a short shelf life. Maybe it’s time to incorporate the “no money, no mission” principle into D&I work.

So here’s a question, “What’s your mitigation plan?”.

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