Keep Your DE&I Budget Intact


During an economic downturn, many companies may face financial challenges and tough budgetary choices. Some may consider cutting their DE&I budgets altogether or pulling back to reduce expenses. Even in a down economic environment, it is important to recognize that DE&I initiatives can have significant long-term recruitment, retention, financial, and brand perception benefits for a […]

The Importance of the Right DEI Mindset.


This is Greg Almieda from GVC, and welcome to Consultant’s Notebook. Here’s a question… How important is “mindset” to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Much has been made about the business case for DEI and its financial impact. But typically, diversity training, certificate programs, and various initiatives are used as surrogates in changing the way organizations […]

Keeping the DEI Work On Track


Hi, I’m Tracy Barac for the consultant’s notebook. Here’s a question for you, Is not having the right people at the table the quickest way to go off the rails? Staying focused is so important no matter what stage you are in this work. Whether you call it a core team, planning group, task force, […]

Should the CEO also be the Chief Diversity Officer?


Here’s a question… Should the CEO also be the Chief Diversity Officer?Anyone in business knows that the most powerful officer in any organization is the CEO. Typically selected by the board in public companies, CEOs in large companies typically deal only with very high-level strategic decisions and those that direct the company’s overall growth. In […]

More Employee Data = Better Employee Experience


Hi, I’m Tracy Barac from GVC, and welcome to the consultant’s notebook. Here’s a question for you, are employees customers too? In marketing land, we try and capture as much information on our customers as possible. Why? So we know what makes them tick, what excites them, what they want and are interested in with […]


The Consultant’s Notebook Hi this is Greg Almieda from GVC. Tracy Barac and I would like to thank all of you for following and supporting our VLOG So What’s The Deal. When we started vlogging the big idea was to provide a platform that was an intersection of all things diversity equity inclusion and digital. […]

Inclusion Work is Not Done


Inclusion Work is Not Done  The Closing Arguments Were Made  The Verdict Had Been Reached  Regardless We Got Work to Do  Leadership Transitions Alone  Won’t Address The Issues  We Need A New Approach to Inclusion that Leans In  Inclusion Work is Not Done  If You Need To Get Started or Keep Going  GVC is Here […]

Disparities in WFH


Are there disparities in those that get to work from home? We’re all adjusting to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. For lots of us, that means working from home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 29% of us can work from home, and that number is sure to grow. Well as […]

Unconscious Bias Training: Strategy or a Tactic?


Is unconscious bias training a strategy or a tactic? Every day, all of us either hear from a consultant pitching the newest version of unconscious bias training, or a company adopting unconscious bias training to overcome issues of bias and discrimination in the workplace. Unconscious bias trainings have become the go-to for every diversity-related issue […]