Diversity Recruiting: What’s in a Word?


Learn more about how we can assist you. Get in touch here. This week’s word is Geo-fence. Ever wonder why you get Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks pop-up ads on Waze while you’re driving near a Dunkin’ or Starbucks? Or enter Target and the next thing you know they send you a coupon? It’s because of something […]

The Difference is in the Difference


In one of our previous blog posts, we covered why the rise in DE&I consultants is potentially problematic, and why the ability to distinguish real knowledge from surface level knowledge is so important. When it comes down to it, who you select as a partner should be based on what you need and what they […]

Who is a digital native anyway?


I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the term “Digital Native”. But who exactly is one? In recent years, digital native has been used as an umbrella term to encompass someone who has grown up surrounded by digital technology, most times (literally) at their fingertips. Since digital natives have been exposed to technology from a young age, […]

“I Stand With Everyone” Means You Market to Nobody


In recent years many companies have realized that they need to be more mindful of the values and beliefs of their target audience. Those same values and beliefs strongly influence consumers when it comes to deciding who they’ll do business with. However, some companies have taken the approach of trying to market to everybody. Sometimes […]

The Privilege to Slow Walk


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rapidly shift to remote work arrangements, exposing inequities between management and non-management employees in work-from-home arrangements. According to survey data courtesy of the Survey of Working Arrangements and Attitudes from the National Bureau of Economic Research, 62% of non-managers work exclusively on-site, compared to 45% of managers, resulting […]

Are You Tracking Your DEI Data? You Should Be.


By now we should all know the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace: more innovation and increased productivity are a couple of them for starters. And it’s because of those benefits that DEI has been seeing increased momentum over the past decade. Diverse workforces are also seen as being more attractive […]

Why Do Some Corporations Tolerate Discrimination?


Tolerate. That’s a powerful word in the context of racism and discrimination. During my time as a consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to review policies and practices and conduct many DE&I assessments across a variety of industries with organizations of various sizes. More often than one would like to think, assessment results reveal a perception […]

Why the Rising Cost of Concert Tickets is a Social Justice Issue


Concert tickets are becoming increasingly expensive, and the price hikes can be felt by all live music fans across the nation. From Taylor Swift fans suing Live Nation and Ticketmaster for their inadequate preparation for when tickets went live, to President Biden urging Congress to pass the Junk Fee Prevention Act- the price and process […]

Gen Z’s Feelings on a Potential TikTok Ban

Generation Z has grown up in a world where social media is an essential part of daily life. One of the most popular social media platforms among Gen Z is TikTok, a short-form video app that has taken the world by storm. However, the app’s future in the United States has been uncertain due to […]

Experiencing Resistance to Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion?

The ideal of a just and equal society in America is under attack. It’s under attack in what we teach our children and other aspects of American society, including the workplace. At no other time in the 30-plus years I’ve been doing this work can I remember such a vocal and emboldened surge in resistance […]