Keeping the DEI Work On Track

Fluency Advertising Brainstorm Session

Hi, I’m Tracy Barac for the consultant’s notebook. Here’s a question for you, Is not having the right people at the table the quickest way to go off the rails? Staying focused is so important no matter what stage you are in this work. Whether you call it a core team, planning group, task force, […]

Inclusion Work is Not Done

Inclusion Work is Not Done The Closing Arguments Were Made The Verdict Had Been Reached Regardless We Got Work to Do Leadership Transitions Alone Won’t Address The Issues

60 Years

60 Years… s-i-x-t-y years That’s how long we’ve been doing diversity and inclusion in this country The diversity training establishment wants you to believe that leading with training, seminars, certificate programs and sponsorships will solve one of our most vexing problems Millions of dollars have been invested in diversity training and look at we’ve gotten […]

Mentorship Diversity

Woman Leaning Against a Wall

Can a Black executive mentor a White executive? Let’s address the elephant in the room right now. Why, when we think about mentorship, does