To be or not to be, just like your parents?

Learn more about how we can assist you. Get in touch by contacting us here. The potential career opportunities in 2023 are endless. From sales, to healthcare, to social media and digital marketing- not only are there more industries to choose from than ever before, but there are actually more jobs available than people to […]

Are You Looking at Your Employee Survey Data Through Rose-Colored Glasses?


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are critical components for any successful organization. The business case for diversity is clear and has been for years now; research has shown that diverse teams are more innovative, make better decisions, and achieve better financial results than homogenous ones. But to know how well your organization is doing at […]

The Death of Expertise


Here’s some stuff we know about the DE&I industry according to Global News Wire: Now, here’s some stuff we don’t know about the DE&I industry: But, in some ways, this data points to a bigger question: why are there so many Diversity Consultants? Pretty easy to answer. In recent years, the demand for diversity consultants […]

Anti-LGBTQIA+ Rhetoric: Nothing New, But No Less Tragic


As an LGBTQIA+ person myself, the seemingly meteoric rise in anti-queer rhetoric over the last few years has been heartbreaking. But perhaps what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that it’s nothing new, and frankly not unexpected. In this post-2016 era where the norms of civil discourse have all but vanished, outward hate of a […]

Keeping the DEI Work On Track


Hi, I’m Tracy Barac for the consultant’s notebook. Here’s a question for you, Is not having the right people at the table the quickest way to go off the rails? Staying focused is so important no matter what stage you are in this work. Whether you call it a core team, planning group, task force, […]

Inclusion Work is Not Done


Inclusion Work is Not Done  The Closing Arguments Were Made  The Verdict Had Been Reached  Regardless We Got Work to Do  Leadership Transitions Alone  Won’t Address The Issues  We Need A New Approach to Inclusion that Leans In  Inclusion Work is Not Done  If You Need To Get Started or Keep Going  GVC is Here […]

60 Years


60 Years… s-i-x-t-y years That’s how long we’ve been doing diversity and inclusion in this country The diversity training establishment wants you to believe that leading with training, seminars, certificate programs and sponsorships will solve one of our most vexing problems Millions of dollars have been invested in diversity training and look at we’ve gotten […]

Mentorship Diversity


Can a Black executive mentor a White executive? Let’s address the elephant in the room right now. Why, when we think about mentorship, does it always have to be a White executive mentoring a Black executive, or, Black high potential? When we approach mentoring with that mindset, aren’t we implying that Black executive have inferior […]